RSST began its story on the auspicious day of Vijayadashami of Sri Vikramanama Samavatsara corresponding to the Christian year 1940 in a small rented premises of Vishveswarapuram,Bangalore with barely six pupils and the first teacher Sri M.C Sivananda Sarma(Founder of RSST) himself!

Through all the hardships ,the founder , Sri MC Sivananda Sarma with his grit and determination tried his efforts to get the cooperation and support of all the parents in the locality to send their children to school. Thus a sapling was planted which has grown into a mighty tree of RSST.

After ten years of difficulties ,the small rented premises of Visveswarapuram and Arsoji Rao Choultry ,the next step was moving to two-storied ,24 room building housing the Nursery,Primary,Middle Schools for boys and girls and the High School for girls.

The impressive R.V Teacher’s College building in Jayanagar came up next which also housed the just born R.V Engineering college in its premises.

Over the years RV has not only become a household name in the city ,synonymous to quality and meaningful education but also a part of Bangalore’s road map .

‘R.V Road’ the stretch between JC Road and South End Circle is a well known landmark.

Growth of RSST

The name spells it all. It is unique in imparting education. One of the Fastest growing Institutions in the State of Karnataka, it has a presence in virtually every field of academics right from Kindergarten to Post-Graduate and Research Institutions. Humanities, Basic Sciences, Teacher ‘s Training, Engineering…the institutions cover almost all academic streams. Its reach spans all sections of society- the privileged and the under privileged, the able and the disabled, cutting through gender and age barriers.

The following characteristics sets the institutions apart from others :

  • Imparting education in the areas of specialty such as Women\’s Education, Gandhian thought and Sanskrit Language.
  • Emphasis on promoting Indian Culture and values through its initiatives to collect, preserve, document and exhibit antique articles, implements and other artifacts.
  • Shift to societal concern with innumerable activities from effective organizing of medical and blood donation camps and on-going programs to empower the street-children through technical education.
  • Research initiatives and establishing of specific centers
  • Living with the changing market dynamics gearing up the infrastructure and trained teachers to teach modern subjects such as computer sciences, communications, Technology etc to keep up with the times.
  • Introduction of distant learning programmes through collaboration with international institutions across the globe.

Rashtreeya Sikshana Samithi Trust with 25- institutions centers in which about 15,000 students are studying, is a fast growing organization.. Eminent academicians, scholars, leaders, industrialists and others have showered accolades on its achievements and accomplishments.

Institutions under R.S.S.T

Sl.No. Name of the Institution Year of Establishment
1. R.V.Higher Primary school 1940
2. R.V. High School 1948
3. R.V.Sishu Vihar 1950
4. R.V.Teachers College – including the P.G.Department 1954
5. R.V.Teachers Training Institute 1954
5. R.V.Girls High School 1962
6. R.V.College of Engineering 1962
7. NMKRV Pre-University College for Women 1971
8. NMKRV College for Women – including P.G.Dept. 1973
9. Shashwathi – A Heritage Museum 1974
10. SSMRV Pre-University College 1982
11. SSMRV Degree College 1982
12. R.V.Integrated School for the Disabled 1990
13. DAPM R.V.Dental College 1992
14. R.V.Centre for Manufacturing Research & Technology Utilisation 1994
15. R.V.Educational Consortium 1994
16. R.V.Institute for Social & Skill Promotion 1996
17. R.V.Public School – ICSE 1999
18. R.V.Institute of Management 1999
19. R.V.College of Nusring 2003
18. R.V.College of Physiotherapy 2003
19. RV-TIFAC HETP 2004
20. Foundation for Clean Energy & Environment 2004
21. RV-VLSI Design Center 2007
22. RV P.U.College 2008
23. R.V.College of Architecture` 2015
24. RV Institute of Legal Studies 2018
25. RV Institute of Engineering & Technology