Students of 4th semester BBA have done field research on different professionals. The research activity gave students an opportunity to acquaint with their respective interview and pursue the details pertaining to their work ethics and life style. A sum of 108 reports were submitted where few of them are mentioned below

Field research on varied professionals

  1. Field research on Bricks dealer
  2. Field research on Dr. Sridhar.
  3. Field research on chef Mr Kiran
  4. Field research on Gardener Mrs Ramya Puttaraju
  5. Field research software engineer Mr Abrar Ahmed Ansari
  6. Field research on sticker shop keeper Mr Mohammed Abdul
  7. Field research on Specialist officer Mr Abhiram
  8. Field research on Rice trader Mr Atul Sharma

10.Field research on Dance teacher Mrs Jigisha Roy

11.Field research on Trailor Mr Ravikumar

12.Field research in hotel manager

13.Field research on software engineer on Mr Muksendra nath Shukla

  1. Feild research on Travel consultant Mr Arfath

15.Field research on Entrepreneur Mr Ram Prasad

  1. Field research on Beautician Mrs Preethi

17.Feild research on BMTC driver Mr Basavaraja

18.Field research on fruit vendor Mrs Jayanthi



  1. a) The Project report in the sixth semester carries 100 marks (70 marks for project report and 30 marks for viva – voce) which shall form part of Sixth semester examination.
  2. b) There shall be single valuation of project report and this will be done simultaneously along with Viva –

Voce. Internal Assessment does not carry any marks.

  1. c) A batch of Two (02) Project Report and Viva – Voce Examiners shall evaluate and conduct Viva – Voce

examinations for a maximum of Thirty (30) Project Reports and Conduct Viva – Voce Examinations for the same candidates.

  1. d) The principal of the college shall submit the project reports of the students, to the university within three days after the completion of Viva – Voce examination.
  2. e) Candidate shall obtain a minimum of 40% marks (Including Viva-Voce) in this subject (project Report)

failing which he she shall revise and resubmit before the commencement of the next examination.

However, no student shall be allowed to resubmit the project report after three consecutive chances.

  1. f) The student who fails to submit the project report shall not be permitted to take the examination.
  2. g) The board of examiners or their nominees‟ shall conduct viva-voce examination for Project Report.