Questions under Intelligence Zone’ as we generally call QUIZ is intended, not only to check the intelligence, but also to update the students with the latest happenings.

Department of PG studies, organized an inter class Business Quiz competition  on Wed, 27 Nov 2019 for its First and Final year students.  Mr. Ajay, SSMRV, department of commerce, assistant professor and quiz master, conducted the quiz competition.

50 students participated in the quiz, out of which 6 teams of 2 each, were selected after a preliminary round of 30 questions.

The Shortlisted teams were,

  1. Meenakshi and Yasmin – Final year
  2. Apoorva and Ramya – Final year
  3. Vinay and Ravi – Final year
  4. Deeksha and Aishwarya – Final year
  5. Suman and Varun – First year
  6. Rinki and Bismi – First year


These teams played 2 more rounds, Equal opportunity round and Personality, place identification round. Each round had 30 questions.

The competition ended up in a tie. Based on the preliminary round, finally, three teams were chosen.

The winners were

First prize – Varun and Suman  – First year

Second price –  Meenakshi and Yasmin – Final year

Third prize – Deeksha and Aishwarya –  Final year