Clubs & Associations
Shivananda Lasya Lahari
The music troupe of our college nurtures the talents of our students in Dance & Music and prepares them for State & National level events.

Rangantharanga –Theatre Club
The Theatre club looks into the acting talents of students and works towards their participation into various inter-collegiate activities like dramatics,skits,plays ,movie-making competitions etc. Screening of various dramas in various events and fest ,Workshops on various fields of theatre world, and Special lectures by Theatre and Film personalities have been a regular phenomenon of Rangantharanga.

Aparajita- Women Empowerment Cell
The main objective of the Cell is to educate our girl students in the areas of social, economic & legal awareness and information. Along with celebrating Women’s day every year, seminars and workshop are conducted regularly to make our girl students feel empowered.

“A drive towards nature”

Eco Club strives towards creating awareness among students and citizens alike, about the importance of preserving ecological resources and protecting the environment. Student members, aptly called green ambassadors actively participate in planting saplings, awareness drives, screening documentaries, e-waste collection and safe disposal etc. Important occasions such as Wet Land Conservation Day, World Water Day is celebrated in a meaningful and enlightening way.

Spandhana-Centre for community services
The Center for Community Services engages the university and community in creating a just and civil society where every member functions as an agent of social change.
We enrich students’ educational experiences, providing opportunities to:» Participate in community engagement initiatives that meet societal needs
» Apply academic instruction to service projects that address significant community issues
» Conduct action-oriented research that makes significant contributions to the community and enhance leadership skills.


Ayush-Health Club
“keeping a check to your health”

The club functions with the primary objective of creating awareness and educating the students about maintaining good health, healthy food habits, hygiene issues through health camps, lectures, awareness programs, Yoga and fitness classes.

Rotaract Club -“A drive to Social services & self-development”
Rotaract is a subsequent youth Organization of an International Organization called Rotary International formed in the year 1968 as a service club and its main focus being “fellowship and service”.Rotaract Club of SSMRV Degree College was started in the year 2008. It has been sponsored by Rotary Club of Bangalore Cantonment.The various works done under the club mainly revolves around community services which includes : Newspaper Drive to YST ,Blood donation Camps,PDP,Visit to FAME India (school for differently abled children),Inter-Class Competitions & so on

Aaahana-Centre for Enterprenurship Development Cell
Young minds are the future of our countries’ economic and business growth. Keeping this in mind the EDP cell has been introduced to look into the managerial and entrepreneur skills of the students. Under this various activities like Guest lectures , competitions and events are planned and conducted .

PRAACHYA-Heritage Club
The club strives towards providing information relating to literature, history, heritage, culture. To collect important Articles, artfacts, paintings, old photographs etc. Students have been sent to various historical expeditions and remarkable achievements have been listed under this club like National Level Youth Seva award 2016 ,Inclusion in Wonder Book of Records.


SAAHASA- Adventure Club
Outdoor activities allows individual to access his / her own capabilities and limitations. Saahasa speaks about building confidence & leadership in students through various adventure sports.

The mission and purpose of the Film Club is to create awareness among the students about World Class Cinemas advocating for a new thought process in the young minds towards cinema and to inspire a change in them to make them look beyond the commercial value of cinema. The Club events focuses on exploring Cinema as a piece of art, the content and the idea of the film, and the role of the film maker in filmmaking, through forum , seminars , presentation , Film screenings .

English Literary Association –A saga retold
English Literary Association (ELA), an epitome of dialectal essence, serves as a platform to pursue the love towards English Literature and language beyond the classrooms. The main theme of ELA is to enhance the English skills (LSRW) among students, helping them to tackle placements and also relieve them of stage fear.

Center for Ethics and Governance
Centre for Ethics and Governance is an initiative of the undergraduate students with an objective of grooming the students towards ethical corporategovernance, Indian traditions and culture, moral code of conduct, national integration and social responsibilities through various programs under the mentorship of the faculties.