20th Edition of Online National Level Faculty Study Circle

By CA Mahadev. R on GST- Aspects and Current developments

 Held on 26th November, 2020

The Department of Commerce, SSMRV College, Bengaluru organized 20th Edition of Faculty Study Circle, an IQAC initiative in association with Hiregange Academy on 26th November, 2020 on the topic ‘GST Aspects & Current Developments’.

Mrs. Ume Salma, Co-Ordinator – Faculty Study Circle, Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce welcomed the dignitaries and participants. Dr.S.Anil kumar, Principal, SSMRV College in his opening remarks spoke about the impact of  GST on Indian Industrial Sector & the need of observing the current developments of GST in India. The resource person CA.Mahadev R, Partner Hiregange & Associates discussed about conceptual framework and structure of GST in India. He spoke about the current updates related to GST collection and policy initiatives of the government. The session was open for participants interaction. Dr.M.S.Nagaraj, Co-ordinator, IQAC, Head, Department of Commerce spoke about the issues pertaining to GST implementation, in his closing remarks.

Total 230 number of participants across India attended the session. The 20th edition of Faculty Study Circle is one more milestone in the path of SSMRV’s success story.

A few screenshots of the session:

19th Edition of 2 Day National Level Online Faculty Study Circle

 (29th and 30th July 2020)

A Report

 The Dept of Commerce in association with IQAC organised the 19th Edition of the National Level Online Faculty Study Circle on the Topic “ Online Teaching Methods , Retraining and Reskilling Teachers” on 29th and 30th July 2020.

The Topic and the resource persons were as follows

  • Day 1 – Online Teaching Methods – by Dr Geetha Rajaram,Principal and Director, Global Institute of Management, Bengaluru
  • Day 2 – Retraining and Reskilling Teachers – by Dr Nirav Vyas, Incharge Director and Associate Professor, Shree Swami Narayan Institute of Management, Porabander, Gujarat.


Day 1 –

The session began with a welcome by Mrs Ume Salma, Coordinator-FSC and Asst Professor, Dept of Commerce. Dr S Anil Kumar, Principal, SSMRV College in his opening remarks mentioned the need for teachers to learn, unlearn and relearn in the new academic environment .  The resource person, Dr Geetha Rajaram mentioned the different aspects of Online Teaching Methods and provided a delightful insight into how we need to train the students who could be advanced in their technical skills. She mentioned that there is a special skill which is required to teach the digital natives. There was a Q&A session at the end where in the faculty members were inquisitive and eager to understand their role as new age teachers. The formal vote of thanks for day one was given by Mrs Roopa B, Asst Professor, Dept of Commerce.


Day 2 –

The session focused on the two themes ‘retraining and reskilling. Dr Nirav Vyas, the resource person started the session mentioning the similarities and differences between these two terms. He mentioned and gave real life experiences of how technology has impacted the modern day higher education. His session focused on the need to upskill and upgrade our knowledge both in terms of content and delivery.  The concluding remarks for the session was given by our Principal, Dr S Anil Kumar who thanked the Resource persons, the participants and the organising team for providing such an informative and knowledge based session.


The session saw 513 registrations from across India including the North Eastern States and Jammu and Kashmir. This is a clear reflection of the brand SSMRV and its strive to provide holistic education.


A few screenshots of the sessions are mentioned below

18th FSC ( (online) on powering up personality and Positivity – 3ps by Dr Lavanya L..

A Report on

18th Edition of Virtual National Level Faculty Study Circle

By Dr. Lavanya L on “Powering up Personality and Positivity – 3Ps”

held on 30th May 2020

The Department of Commerce, SSMRV College organized the 18th Edition of virtual National Level Faculty Study Circle -An initiative for knowledge sharing on “Powering up Personality and Positivity – 3Ps” on 30th May 2020 Online Resource Person was Dr. Lavanya L, Professor, Dept. of Business Administration, Area of Specialization: Organizational Behaviour, Psychology and Soft Skills, Mohamed Sathak College of Arts and Science, Chennai.

The event started with a Welcome Speech by Mr. Gokul C, IQAC-Member, Assistant Professor, Department of Business Administration, SSMRV College. Dr. S. Anil Kumar, Principal SSMRV College, addressed the gathering and inspired the Faculty with his motivational words.

Dr. Lavanya L, briefed the gathering on Personality which is a stable set of characteristics which is developed throughout life, that is masking ourselves with various determinants and traits. She spoke on The Big Five Personality Traits — breaking it down to OCEAN –Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism (Emotional Stability).

Participants were initially asked to take up a “Test on Big Five Personality Traits”. The session emphasized on the different traits for understanding an individual’s nature of personality. Participants were able to gain a better insight on factors / determinants and to match / study these in relation to individual subjects. It is hoped that the participants will now be able to better understand themselves and the people they interact with in day to day life helping to change their individual and social behaviour leading to a more happy life experience. The event helped drive home the point that having a positive attitude is another way to develop a more positive personality.

The session was followed by an interactive question and answer session with the Participants. The Programme lasted from 11:00 AM to 1:10 PM. Around 120 Participants including Faculty and Students who are pursuing their Master’s Degree from this Institution and elsewhere, virtually attended and benefited from the programme.

The session ended by Mrs. Ume Salma, Co-ordinator, Faculty Study Circle, Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, SSMRV College.


A Report on 17th Faculty Study Circle Programme

The department of commerce, SSMRV College regularly organizing Faculty Study Circle programs on various disciplines. This is the 17th of its kind. The topic was on “Contemporary Cost Accounting Practices for Business Sustainability” for faculty on 12th February 2020.

Objectives :

  • To familiarize the participants about the practical aspects of cost.
  • To analyze the practical situations and apply concepts of cost.

The programme started with anchoring by Prof Shakeela and  welcome speech by Prof.Ume Salma, Dept of Commerce,

Co-ordinator FSC who welcome all the dignitaries.

Dr.S.Anilkumar, Principal, SSMRV College address the gathering and gave  information about various activities and initiative like Aviation Management Course, BCA -ETDCA programme .

The keynote Speaker of the Programme – CMA, Sreepaada.H.R, Chairman of The
Institute of Cost Accountants of India, Bengaluru Chapter  explained the basic concepts and recent updates on cost. He gave live examples and made the participants interactive in the session.

The session was filled by more than 102 faculties (both external and in house). The session had a very good positive feedback from the paricipants.

It concluded with a formal vote of Thanks by Prof.Srihari, Member FSC.


Faculty Study Circle

A report on 15th Faculty Study Circle conducted on 14-March-2019 at the Seminar Hall, SSMRV College.
A report on 15th Faculty Study Circle by Dr. B.S.Patil on The Art of writing a Research Paper

The Department of Commerce, SSMRV College organized the 15th Faculty Study Circle, an initiative for knowledge sharing on writing a research paper for faculty and students on 14th March 2019 at the Seminar Hall, SSMRV College. The Speaker for the day was Dr. B.S.Patil, Professor and Director, CMR University, Bangalore.

Welcome Speech:
The event started with a welcome speech by Prof. Ajay Kumar S., Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce.

Principal Address:
Dr. S. Anil Kumar, Principal SSMRV College, addressed the gathering and inspired the faculty and students to take up research with his motivational words.

Introduction of the Speaker:
Smt. Ume Salma, Assistant Professor, Department Of Commerce, introduced the speaker Dr B.S. Patil, Director, CMR University.

About the Talk:
Dr B.S. Patil addressed the gathering on the topic for the day – The Art of Writing
a Research Paper. In his presentation, Dr Patil covered various aspects of research paper publication from selecting the field of research to the final choice of the journal and the ultimate act of publication of the reviewed paper in the journal. He covered aspects such as Selecting a research area, research problem statement, choosing the topic, finding information and the continuous maintenance of a draft.

The session also had a reminder on the dos and don’ts of Research Writing. Conducting pre-research work, post research work, manuscript revision, reviewing and finally the publication of the written research paper in a scheduled volume or journal of the correct choice.

In his talk he emphasized on the importance of the title of the paper, abstract writing, citing of reference literature and also spoke of the keywords to be used. He gave some key guidelines on the draft to be continuously maintained when writing the actual research paper. The session was followed by interaction and question and answer session with the attendees.

Time Duration:
The Programme lasted from 2:00pm to 5:00pm.

Attendees/ Presence:
Around 100 participants including Faculty and Students pursuing their Master’s Degree from this Institution and elsewhere attended and benefited from the Programme.

13th Faculty Circle Programme  on 1st Aug 2018
Ssmrv college conducted its 13th faculty circle programme on 1-Aug-18. The resource person for the day was Mr M S Manjunatha, Director, Universal Academy. The topic was the Vedantic perception of education. Mr Manjunatha in his vast experience in the area of Vedanta and philosophy explained the importance of philosophy in the modern education context. The speech started by talking of people who brought changes in the field of science, politics,religion and philosophy. His quotes from the Bhagavad-Gita, sarvagja vachana and basavanna s vachana were commendable. The session was extremely interactive and gave way to healthy discussions and deliberations. Our Principal, in his key note address mentioned about the importance of Vedas in modern era. The session was attended by around 50 faculties both in house and from outside. The session ended with high tea and certificate distribution. it was an initiative of the faculty study circle team headed by Mrs Ume Salma and supported by her efficient team members , Ajay Kumar, Saba Tabbassum and Roopa B… There would be another faculty study circle on a different topic soon… please wait for further communication

12th Faculty Study Circle

Program: 12th Faculty Study Circle
Date: 13th March 2018
Time: 2:30PM to 4:30PM
Venue: Seminar Hall
Resource Person: Sri. CMA Millin Date.
Topic: Overview of Performance Management – “Throughput and Environmental Accounting Analysis of Public Sector, Not for profit organization and Private Sector”.
Ume Salma, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Commerce.

“Concepts and Regulation of IFRS” held on 10th October 2017
The eleventh Faculty Study Circle organized disseminates knowledge of much needed reporting practice International Financial Reporting Standards held on 10th October 2017. Dignitaries were welcomed by Smt. Ume Salma, Assistant Professor, Department for Commerce and Coordinator, Faculty Study Circle. Dr. S. Anil Kumar, Principal, SSMRV College addressed the gathering and gave a note on IFRS in India. Sri. CMA Millin Date, Chief Learning Officer, ISDA delivered a lecture on concept of IFRS and its regulation. Lecture focused on conceptual aspect, background and history of IFRS. Mr. Millin Date explained about the impairment, importance, method of implementation, classification and measurement are well as accounting treatment related to IFRS. Mr. Millin discussed major difference of IND – AS to IFRS and application of IFRS on Indian accounting practice. The session followed by interaction and question and answer session with faculties. 80 faculties of various colleges all over Bengaluru have attended the session. Smt. Roopalatha, Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce delivered vote of thanks to guests and gathering