• Sri M.C. Sivananda Sarma , the founder of Rashtreeya Sikhsana Samithi Trust was born on 22-01-1911 in a family of common peasants in a village in T. Narsipur Taluk, Karnataka.
  • Studied at Sri Chamarajendra Sanskrit College, Bangalore after his Sanskrit studies in Siddaganga and he later proceeded to Allahabad to complete his ‘Sahitya Visharada’.
  • Inspired by Madan Mohan Malaviya works in education ,He gained deep insight into the field of education and set about his mission.
  • He founded the R.V.Institution in 1940 and was the Founder Secretary till 02-01-1969 when he attained eternal bliss.
  • He had been a Freedom Fighter and as an efficient administrator served in Mysore State as a Member of Legislative Assembly for several years.
  • He was a silent worker & believed in ‘Work is Worship’

Chief Mentor

  • Fondly remembered as the great visionary who lovingly nurtured the R.V. group of institutions, Late Sri D.A. Pandu continues to be a source of inspiration for all at SSMRV.
  • Having started his career in the 1960s as Assistant Secretary of RSST, Sri Pandu rose to be the Chief Mentor of the Trust.
  • His exemplary life is a strong source of motivation for his admirers and followers.
  • Sri Pandu always believed in providing the state-of-the-art infrastructural facilities for quality teaching and learning with the motive of achieving excellence in education.
  • His dream- “SSMRV should emerge as a premier academic institution”.