A warm welcome to SSMRV college website!

I am proud to share with you the achievements, recognitions and contributions of our College during the previous academic year. We have been ranked one among Top 5 Colleges in India by India Today – MDRA survey for the second consecutive year. This is a reflection of the commitment and encouragement from all our stakeholders.

My heartfelt thanks to the Management of RSST for providing constant support in all our endeavours and also guiding us through unexplored paths in our academic pursuits. This united with the dedication of all our Faculty Members (Teaching and non teaching) and the enthusiasm by our Students has ensured that SSMRV College scales greater heights year after year.


We have spearheaded a 360 Degree Education for Wholeness model which practically works on a 6 dimensional approach viz. Academics, Skill Development, Extra Curricular, Career Development, Ethics and Self Governance and Psychological well-being. The model has provided a very progressive and desired outcome. It has been a transformation in the life of a student not limiting to just Campus to Corporate but a much broader perspective called Campus to Community. Our placement rate of more than 90% and our students securing ranks and gold medals in University exams are a positive integer of our efforts. We constantly measure the Skill shelf life of a student and ensure we provide the courses which are industry and community relevant.

Abraham Maslow once said ‘““In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or step back into safety.”In SSMRV, I take pride in saying we choose the first option!! The “moment” in this saying is with reference to the COVID-19 pandemic which was unforeseen and uncalled for. However, in our constant effort to provide quality education to our young minds, we formulated strategies well before the lockdown was declared. My team engaged in online classes, provided online assignments, conducted online examinations and also uploaded more than 200 video lectures onto our Youtube channel. We also established student help lines, counselling centres by associating with various medical agencies and provided necessary provisions to our Housekeeping staff. We constantly interacted with the parents and students and ensured that they are in the best of their health. Our students actively participated in helping people in distress and were recognised and awarded both by NGO’s and Government agencies.  All these moments makes me blissful that I lead such a team of dynamic, self-motivated team of Faculty members and Students!!

The above events were a tipping point for me to ponder about a different platform for the educational environment which is called the Virtual Learning System. In the years to come, the online education platforms would undoubtedly earn more prominence than a Classroom oriented teaching and now is the time to gear up for the next level of Change.. I strongly believe that the holistic education can be achieved only through Experiential Learning blended with guided internships and project works. I will ensure that I leave no stone unturned to have academic and industry collaborations with reputed Institutions of National and International stature.

I conclude by saying SSMRV College has followed the trend of the current education system and correlated its efforts to match the pace of its movement. The faculty members and Students have explored the World of Technology which links them academically both on and off campus thereby creating a strong network. This unique model of 360 degree education for wholeness is a “ start to success story” with proven results I, wholeheartedly welcome you to be part of our success story!!!

Dr. S. Anil Kumar