Department of PG studies organized a common quiz program for first year and final year students of Mcom on 21 Oct 2019. It was conducted by Prof. T.V.Dasappa, under the guidance of our Principal Dr. Anil Kumar, and with the assistance of Dr. T.Nagaraju, Prof. Lohit and Prof. Lavanya. A 30 minutes written test was given to all the 47 participants. Of these 47 students, 4 students were shortlisted for the quiz program, and two teams were formed.

Shortlisted students were:

Priya – Final year – Team A

Anuradha – First year – Team A

Meenakshi – Final year – Team B

Yasmeen Taj – Final year – Team B


After 5 further rounds involving General round of IQ, Rapid fire round with clues following each question on current affairs, Timed – subject specialization round, Timed – Personality identification round and  Buzzer round, the scores of Team A were 40 points and Team B 60 points.