Dated : 20.01.2022

A two days virtual orientation programme for 5th semester B.Com., syllabus framed as per 2019-20 was organized by Department of Commerce,  Sivananda Sarma Memorial RV College in association with Bengaluru Citi University and Bengaluru Citi University Teachers’ Council of Commerce & Management (BCUTCCM) on 11th and 12th January 2022.

Inauguration of the above said programme was held on 11th January 2022 @ 10.30 am with Prof. Anusha N anchoring and Dr. Shalini N welcomed the virtual gathering she welcome  our Principal, Chief guest, Guest of Honour, all Subject experts and the participants.  Prof. Shivakumara N introduced our beloved Principal Dr. S Anil Kumar. Addressing the gathering during the principals’  speech Mr Kumar briefed about RV institutions  & SSMRV college and also welcomed the chief guest, guest of honour and the gathering. Prof. Vidya U Jambagi introduced the Chief Guest Dr. B Ramesh, Register (Evaluation) BCU.  Dr. Ramesh in his Inaugural address briefly spoken about the BCU activities and evaluation process.  Prof. Vijayalakshmi R introduced the Guest of Honour Dr. Muniraju M, Chairman and Dean, Department of commerce and Management BCU. Professor during his talk he informed that the Syllabi was framed as per todays Industrial needs and it is first of kind in India. Prof. Yallappa introduced Dr. H Bhavani, President, BCUTCCM. She had given the Opening remarks, during her speech she informed about BCUTCCM activities.  Dr. C Nagaraja, General Seretary, BCUTCCM gave vote of thanks during the same he informed about the syllabus  orientation programme and he thanked our college principal and the management for organizing the programme.

The event coordinator Dr. Sri Hari informed about the upcoming session in brief to the Participants.

Day 1 session was as follows

Two Day Syllabus orientation Programme for V semester B.Com.(Batch 2019-20)  Date 11th Jan 2022 – Tuesday

Activity Timing Link Resource Persons
Inauguration session – seminar hall 10.30 to 12 https://meet.google.com/cmv-otyi-qgz Chief guest : Dr. B Ramesh & Guest of Honour:
5.1. INCOME TAX  – 1 12 noon– 1.30 PM  https://meet.google.com/bnw-kovv-ssn

Dr. Parvathi


VET College


5.3.  (Accounting Group)

Advanced Accounting

2 PM to 3.30 PM  meet.google.com/gvf-uoqw-irp

Dr.Mariappa M

Associate Professor,

BMS College for Women

5.4. (Accounting Group)

 Methods Of Costing

2 PM to 3.30 PM



Dr. R N Subba Rao


St. Francis Degree College

5.3. (Marketing Group)

Consumer Behaviour And Marketing Research

2 PM to 3.30 PM meet.google.com/hdy-ijcn-gpc


Dr. Nagaraj

Associate Professor,

St. Joseph College


5.4. (Marketing Group)

Digital Marketing

2 PM to 3.30 PM meet.google.com/rhz-txbw-ayy


Dr Arvind Reddy

Associate. Professor

 M.S Ramaiah College


As stated above in the table first day first session started  with Income tax – I @ 12.00 noon to 1.30pm and had a lunch break followed by the second session where different subjects held simultaneously and day one ended @ 3.30 pm.


Day 2 session was as follows

Two Day Syllabus orientation Programme for V semester B.Com.(Batch 2019-20)Date 12th Jan 2022 – Wednesday

Subject Timings Name of Resource person                            Link
5.2 Auditing and corporate governance 10 to 11.30 AM

Dr. Usha Devi N

Associate Professor

MLA First Grade College for Women


5.3. (Human Resource Mgt.)  Employee Welfare And Social Security.


5.4. (Human Resource Mgt.) Strategic HRM


10 to 11.30 AM




Ms.Lavanya N

Associate Professor

C B Bhandari Jani College

5.3 ( Marketing Group) – Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Research

10 to 11.30 AM


Dr H Nagaraj

Associate Professor

St Joseph’s College of Commerce

Introduction of Special invitee 11.30 to 12,30 PM

Ms Shakeela M K


Session by special invitee on PSD and SDC/SC community service/Ability Enhancement Compulsory course 11.30 to 12,30 PM

Dr B G Bhaskara


Vivekananda Degree College

5.3. (Finance Group) Advanced Financial Management 12.30 PM to 2 PM

Dr.Mariappa M

Associate Professor,

BMS College for Women


5.4. (Finance Group)

Financial Services

12.30 PM to 2 PM

Prof. Gayathri

Associate professor,

BMS College for women


Dr Swamynathan

Associate Professor,


  2 PM onwards Valedictory https://meet.google.com/cfx-yuth-isd  


Day 2 session was started as per the plan with Auditing and corporate governance @ 10.00am and simultaneously with three other subjects as mentioned in the above table.

In the second session at 11.30am Dr. B G Bhaskara, Principal, Vivenkananada Degree College who was the special invitee for the Programme address the gathering. He informed about the PSD & SDC/SC and also about the Community services that marks have to be submitted to the BCU and how the 5th and 6th Semester Internship should be conducted by the students. The special invitee before started the session was introduced by Prof. Shakeela M K.

Third and last session AFM & FS two subjects was held between 12.30pm to 2.00pm followed by the valedictory function.

At the time of valedictory the summary reports was made by the event           co-ordinator Dr. Sri Hari and presented.

Closing remarks and vote of thanks was given by the Head department of Commerce Dr. M S Nagaraj, he thanked all the Subject resources persons, our Principal, Management, the participants, technical persons, and his co-staff who has cooperated and made the 2 days virtual programme success and the Programme was ended with National Anthem.


Two Day Syllabus orientation Programme for V semester B.Com.

(Batch 2019-20)

Programme schedule

Day – 1 Tuesday – 11.01.2022        Inauguration – 10.30 am to 12.00 Noon.


Sl.No. Programs Faculty Incharge &  Guests
1 Anchoring Mrs Anusha N
2 Welcome Address Dr Shalini N
3 Introduction of Principal Mr Shivakumara N
4 Address by the Principal

Dr S Anil Kumar

Principal, SSMRV College

5 Introduction of Chief Guest Mrs Vidya U Jambagi
6 Address by the Chief Guest

Dr. B Ramesh

Registrar (Evaluation) Bengaluru City University


7 Introduction of guest of honour Mrs Vijayalakshmi R
8 Address by the Guest of Honour

Prof. Muniraju M,

Chairman & Dean, Department of Commerce & Management BCU

9 Introduction of  Dr. H.Bhavani Prof. Yallappa
10 Opening Remarks

Dr. H.Bhavani – President, BCUTCCM


11 Vote of Thanks

Dr C Nagaraja

General Secretary, BCUTCCM


The google meet link of the Inauguration :     https://meet.google.com/cmv-otyi-qgz