International Relations Office

International Relations Office ( IRO)

g2 – the global ED gathering for Global Research and Institutional Partnerships (GRIP) offered Senior International Officers, Deans, Directors, and International Education professionals from around the world and it was a platform to focus on areas of global research and institutional partnerships.

SSMRV College participated in the prestigious G2-Gobal Research and International Partnerships (GRIP) 2024 hosted by Gen Next Education on 9 th and 10 th of Feb 2024 in ITC Gardenia. Gen Next Education is a beacon for international education. Our delegation of esteemed Principal – Dr. Geetha R, and Dr. Nagaraj M S, Head, Department of Commerce, Mr. Arun Kumar R, International Relations Officer, participated on a journey of knowledge exchange and collaboration with international universities. The G2 Summit served as a platform where educators from diverse backgrounds converged to share insights, exchange ideas, and explore the latest trends shaping the international educational landscape.

Our objective was to get engaged in meaningful dialogue, to forge new partnerships, and to glean invaluable insights that will propel SSMRV College to new heights of academic achievement. Through workshops, seminars, and networking sessions, our delegation seeks to enrich our pedagogical practices, enhance student learning experiences, and drive positive change within our students and institution.

Seminar on Overseas Education in Association with Gen Next Education

Seminar on Foreign University - 18th Oct 23 Report