School of Graduate Studies

Department of Computer Applications

Mastering Information Technology

The Department of Computer Application was formed to train and initiate professional development for students. The foundation of this department is based on a highly disciplined and quality-oriented environment that provides students with the opportunity to learn, excel, and thrive in the field of computer science.

Our Vision

  • Identify and analyse substantial solutions with the help of basic principles of computer science
  • Demonstrate the right knowledge and skill sets required to manage a project and its multidisciplinary areas
  • Work as an individual or a leader in diverse settings
  • Recognise the need for enhanced skills in computing and Information Technology
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The Department of Computer Application offers two programmes that are designed to help students understand the fundamentals of computer science. We make sure our students are professionally trained by experienced faculty members to help them navigate the wide landscape with ease and confidence.





Add-on programmes

  • Presentations
  • Practical sessions
  • Seminars
  • Project development
  • Certificate courses and technical training from industry experts

Online learning classes

Online classes conducted through various online platforms like Zoom and Google Meet as per the scheduled time table.

Academic clubs