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Our Department of Library is home to a diverse range of books, research papers, electronic journals, online databases, and more. We provide abundant learning material that helps students in their academics and research.

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ShashiKumar Muniyappa

Assistant Director - Physical Education

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Annual Sports Meet 2022-23

Annual Sports Meet Report 2022-23

108 Suryat namaskars at Vidhana Soudha - 28th Jan 2023

We believe that physical education is critical to the holistic development of students. Our Department of Sports encourages students to participate in numerous physical activities throughout the year. These help improve fitness levels, and also teach the importance of teamwork.

Karate World Record

Deekshith R of First Year B.com participated in the global world record which was held on 4th April 2021in *karate* . Event:- Kick( in 60sec 135 kicks) This was a new global world record

Deekshith R of 2nd year B.com, SSMRV college has won Gold in the category of Kata in the World' online Karate championship held between 20th and 25th Jan 2022

Deekshith R of II Bcom D who secured the Gold Medal in the Karnataka Karate Championship held on the 6th of March 2022.

Deekshith R of II B. Com D, Participated in the 5th open JSK National Karate Championship 2022 which was held on the 1st May, 2022 at Hebbal. It was organized by Jyoshinmon Shorinryu Karate Do and secured a gold medal in Kumite.

SSMRV houses a one-of-a-kind cafeteria that offers a wide range of cuisines for students. It also acts as a great place for students to relax and socialise after long hours of study.


Every year we host numerous academic, co-curricular, and extra curricular activities which include guest lectures, conferences, field trips, and socially relevant projects that empower our students to grow in every aspect of their lives.

Clubs and Associations

Student clubs and extracurricular activities remain core to the SSMRV experience.