Department Of Non-core Studies

Department Of Non-core Studies

SSMRV’S Department of Non-core Studies aims at providing students with the practical skills they need to improve their daily lives. From physical education to skill development training, the department focuses on bringing out the best of every student for an uplifting future.

At SSMRV, we believe that a proper blend of academic training and extracurricular activities helps build knowledge and skills. We aim at encouraging constant engagement from students and self-analysis of performance.

Programme Objectives

This programme offers students from Humanities, Commerce, and Management streams an overview of the role that Science and Technology (S&T) plays in our daily lives and livelihoods. Students get the opportunity to learn about the most significant discoveries and inventions of modern science. The broad introduction provided by the programme helps them understand how S&T interacts with society.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop a basic understanding of Science
  • Develop a basic understanding of Biological Science
  • Develop appreciation and critical thinking skills to understand the impact of S&T in our lives
  • Participate in society as a holistically educated citizen