BBA with Advanced Diploma in Data Analytics

Course Overview

Integrated Program with BBA Accelerated Career Solution

  1. Business Data Objectives and scope
  2. Data Analytics, Reporting and Strategic improvement
  3. Data Management and Data Structure
  4. Fast Track the career in Data Analytics solutions domain and business strategic
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Inclusive education for holistic development of individuals to meet societal requirements.


Committed to impart skill and value-based education to students, through best of academicians and professionals, to empower them to face the challenges of competitive world.”

Exclusivity and Outcomes

  1. Accelerated Career Design with Future Ready Skills and
  2. Students will get hands-on experience with real-life projects.
  3. Students will work on industry-grade assignments with high relevance in the corporate
  4. Obtain adequate knowledge, skills and experience to become a suitable candidate for Data Analytics business
  5. Students will be eligible for the best Data Analyst jobs in top
  6. Obtain Accreditation for additional 26 Credits on professional skills. By this student gain added advantage to enable the participation in international post graduation program.
  7. All Teaching Faculty members, with core competency on Data Analytics and Business Strategy Management and Exposure from top

Data Analytics & Business Strategy

  1. Business Model & Organization Design
  2. Data Analytics
  3. Business Analytics
  4. Database Management
  5. Data Analytics with Python & Strategic Six Sigma
  6. Business Ethics and Compliance
  7. Project Life Cycle and Live Modelling

Lab Infrastructure Details

Our Corporate Case Studies from real-time business production, business expansion, and improvement challenges scenarios across industries. Business Tools.

  1. (R and Python, Microsoft Excel, Tableau, SQL and More)
  2. (Microsoft Project Management, ZOHO management tools, Celoxis, Microsoft Excel, Team Gantt and More)

Skill Development

  1. Obtain adequate knowledge, skills and experience to become a suitable candidate for Data Analytics business role.
  2. Understand self-better – through the SWOC Analysis and SWOC of a company to understand, analyze and equip the candidate to the jobs’ requirement.
  3. Resume writing, Customize Resume accordingly to the job requirements.
  4. Group Discussion and Case Study Analysis

Relevant Job Roles

  1. Associate Data Analyst
  2. Junior Data Analyst
  3. Data Analyst
  4. Associate Business Analyst
  5. Junior Business Analyst
  6. Business Analyst.
  7. Business and Data Analyst.

Medium of Instruction

The medium of instruction and examination shall be in English only

Model of Examination

  1. Total 100 Marks
  2. 60 Marks Weightage for End Semester Assessment.
  3. 40 Marks Weightage for CIA. (20 Marks for Internal assessment, 10 Marks for Case Study Observations and Presentation, 10 Marks for class participation and attendance.)

Performance Classification Matrix

For Qualification should obtain minimum 30/60 in End Semester Assessment and minimum 20/40 in CIA.

Semester Performance Measure Rating  
80% Marks and Above S Grade Significantly Exceeded Performance
60% to 79% Marks E Grade Exceeded Performance
50% to 59% P Grade Met Performance
Less than 50% Marks F Grade Did not Meet performance