Department of Commerce

Program Highlights

B. Com department focuses on academic as well as overall development of the Students by the following ways:

B.Com programme is spread across 6 semesters in 3years affiliated to Bengaluru City University.


It is one among the various best practices of our department. For the purpose of associating peer teaching, we generally find out advanced learners and slow learners. The slow learners will be tagged to the advanced learners and get the academic support for securing high marks. It will benefit both the parties for exam preparation.


Faculties are involved in mentoring the students in all possible manner. The academic support and assistance will be provided based on the need andΒ  capability of the students.


We, the faculty members associate slow learners with advanced learners, so that the extra care is taken for those slow learners and push forward in academics.


We encourage the advanced learners by providing extra text books and special guidance. Also, Advance learners provide required academic support to Slow learners.


We mainly focus on the 360 degree Capability Enhancement of the students by practicing various innovative techniques such as power point presentation, group discussions, Viva, interaction session, and so on.


One of the best practices of department is remedial class. We provide assistance and guide the backlog students and concentration will be provided for them to clear the repeater exams.

Extra-curricular activities:

Extracurriculars are a significant part of our department, we wish our students not to merely Pass but We wish to contribute to their Leadership qualities.Β  Companies just don’t require employees; they require Leaders who can takeΒ  initiative and get their goals accomplished. We collectively as a department have foreseen the opportunities which are gained through the help of extra-curricular activities.

Certificate courses:

The Department of Commerce has given students a package of Certificate courses which is included in the curriculum as present economic conditions along with competition has inspirit students to attain more knowledge .

  1. Tally ERP-9
  2. Stock Market
  3. Business Analytics
  4. Digital Marketing
  5. Personality Development Program
  6. Pre-placement Training


Students are heartened to conduct Research with the help of faculty members, which provides an opportunity to learn in detailed about a core subject which is a part of curriculum and develop effective Paper presentation skills.

MOOC / Online Certificate courses :

This allows students to take up online courses offered in the digital plat form. Students are motivated to earn certificate through writing exam. Student gets an opportunity to earn certificate from different institutions of National Importance such as IIT’s, IIM’s NIT’s and even Foreign Universities.

  1. Coursera
  2. Edx
  3. Swayam
  4. Future learn
  5. Google

Inter-class Competitions:

Students are encouraged to participate in divergent activities. Students participate in various interclass competitions as a part of Departmental activities to enrich their talent.

Student office bearers in all Activity and Academic centers:

Students are elected as office bearers in all activity & academic centers, this will enable the students to participate in their choice of academics which will further enhance their interest & knowledge.

Advance Diploma courses of RV-Skills:

RV-Skills are the additional Diploma courses provided by the RV-skills , Where students can opt for any of the courses offered and earn a diploma certificate.

  1. Advance Diploma in Artificial Intelligence
  2. Advance Diploma in Business Analytics
  3. Advance Diploma in Digital Marketing

Student clubs & association:

A number of student clubs and association activities including students council, embolden student participative learning as the activities are planned and executed by the students under the guidance of faculty members.

Department Clubs:

To enrich and empower students with academic and practical excellence through various academic clubs.

  1. Research club:
    Imparts research skills and cultivates research interest.
  2. Accounting Club:
    Prepares students by providing pertinent details by focusing on Accounting techniques used.
  3. Taxation Club:
    Encourages to interact with experts of industry for proactive approach in taxation.


To engage students deeply on real life situations.
Holistic approach to education through specific platform created through academic deliverance by accomplished experts