Essay Writing Competition

Topic: Is Capital Punishment Morally Justified? (For or Against) & Pollution Due to Urbanization (For or Against) on

8th December, 2021


Organizing Team

  1. S. Anil Kumar, Principal, SSMRV College.
  2. Beena Manohar, HOD – Dept. of English.
  3. Smitha G. L – Assistant Professor, Dept. of English.
  4. David Sunil – Assistant Professor, Dept. of English & Convener.

Student Office Bearers

  1. N, III B. Com β€˜D’ – President.
  2. U, III B. Com β€˜D’ – Vice President.
  3. R, III B. Com β€˜A’ – Secretary.
  4. Veebha H. M., II B. Com β€˜C’ – Joint Secretary.
  5. Pramod Kumar Pujari, III B. Com β€˜D’ –Joint Secretary.
  6. Khatij Ul Kubra, II BCA β€˜B’ – Joint Secretary.

The English Literary Association conducted an Essay Writing for the students of SSMRV College with the topics: Is Capital Punishment Morally Justified? (For or Against) and Pollution Due to Urbanization (For or Against).

The participants showed their class and prowess in writing as well as the research that it would require to create an original article that does not feed of someone else’s work. With over twenty participants to choose from it was Sushma. R of II BCA β€˜A’ who secured the first place, followed by Khatij Ul Kubra of II BCA β€˜B’ who secured the second place and finally it was Rakesh. B of III BBA β€˜B’ who secured the third place.

The event was a very successful one and it is without a doubt that the success is attributed to our boisterous Principal Dr. S. Anil Kumar, the faculty of the English Department and as always the undying enthusiasm of the Student Office Bearers and all the participants.