Department of English – 2020-21

‘Presentation Skills and Nuances of the English Language’


On 13th October, 2020, The Department of English of Sivananda Sarma Memorial RV College organized an online guest lecture (via Google Meet) on the topic: ‘Presentation Skills and Nuances of the English Language’. The guest speaker for the programme was Dr. Pragyan Behera MA, M. Phil, Ph.D., who is an Associate Professor and Ph.D. guide in the PG Department of English, JAIN University.  Dr. Pragyan spoke about the origins of the English Language and gave the students an idea of the importance of the English Language as well as its relevance as a mode of transaction. The highlight of her presentation was how the use of English can overpower native languages.

The students were enthralled with Dr. Pragyan’s talk and they asked many questions about the need for the English Language and how it has become ingrained into our systems.

Another question posed by the students was, “why do people try to use accented English or try to portray their knowledge of the language to others who do not know it,” and to which Dr. Pragyan gave a brief answer of: English being a symbol of status and its usage in moderation is key, since Indians are not native speakers of English.”

The talk was extremely vibrant and the students were glued to their screens listening to Dr. Pragyan speak.

The talk in its entirety can be found on our youtube channel.