A Report –GUEST LECTURE ON “CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR AND MARKETING MIX ” (Subject :Principles of Marketing for I sem B.com students )

Date: 23-02-2022

A guest lecture was organized by the Department of Commerce, Sivananda Sarma Memorial RV College on the topic “consumer behaviour and marketing mix ” (Subject :Principles of Marketing for first year B.com students).The speaker was Mr.Mohammad Umair an eminent professor from the  Department of commerce, at St.Joseph’s College of Commerce, Bengaluru and he has published text books on various commerce subjects, and also presented & published many papers in National and International Conferences as well as reputed International Journals. This virtual guest lecture was conducted in Google Meet platform  http://meet.google.com/hgb-jjcy-dtn for  students on 23rd  Feb 2022 from 1:30 PM – 03.30 PM. Students of first year B.com took an active participation during the programme.

Mr.Mohammad Umair started his session by explaining the concept of consumer behaviour as well as the various consumer behaviour theories, The session also focused on how these aspects of various consumer behaviour theories affect us in our daily lives. The marketing mix and product lines were discussed briefly in the session with realistic examples. The session helped the students to understand the concepts practically.