Academic year 2022-23

1.Basic details
Name of Activity Corporate Connect
Date 9th July 2022
Facutly in charge Mrs M Rajatha

Organized by

Name of Department/ Name of Committee/ Club

Dept of Business Administration

Under Corporate Connect Lecture Series

Coordinator/ In-charge of Activity M Rajatha, Event Coordinator
Time 11.30AM
Venue SSMRV College Seminar Hall
Activity for Class/Group Students of 2nd Year BBA


Academic /Co- curricular/extracurricular/other

2.Brief informationabout Activity
Topic /Subject of activity The Journey, survival & Sustainability of an Women Entrepreneur – By Mrs. Chandrika Sanjeevi, Founder β€˜Aahana’ The Bliss Store
Objectives of the activity To provide a platform to the students to meet women entrepreneurs & discuss the journey & provide hands on support & help them in setting up their own business..
Methodology It was a power point presentation from the resource person &Β  it was a question & answer session
Outcome of Activity

Students got exposure to the real aspects of entrepreneurship & problems faced by women entrepreneurs.

They got to know about several government schemes which help them in setting up their own business.

3.Proofs attached

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