‘Wrong side of the Road’

Date:-  07. 06. 2022

Location:-  SSMRV COLLEGE Seminar Hall

Area of Focus:- Guidance about Road Safety and Training Program

No. Of Attendees:- 80

‘Wrong side of the Road

‘Wrong side of the Road’ is a project being implemented by AISECT and CSR Box. The speaker for the day was Miss. Swathi, Abhishek Hiremath and team. This orientation was with regard to United Nations Development Program.

Project Description

Wrong side of the Road is a project implemented by AISECT and CSR Box on guidance about Road Safety and bring in positive behavioural  change in citizens and impact on responsible Road user. Students were given a Pre assessment and post – Assessment Google form was shared to students to fill and the speaker discussed about the Road Safety and also give a brief detail about the training session. It was a wonderful session. Everyone was able to grasp more knowledge about it.